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Patient Forms

Save time! Complete your medical history forms online so the on-site evaluation is faster and easier.

NDI now offers your staff the ability to complete medical forms online.

The forms application has a variety of features and benefits which enable NDI to perform evaluations quickly and effectively, while focusing on your staff—not paperwork.

What does it do?

The forms application makes entering and managing data easy:

  • Individuals register with NDI prior to the on-site visit
  • Personnel fill in forms specific to their department, including Medical History and the Offerings Sheet
  • NDI staff uses the forms application to authorize your personnel, activate accounts and track individual departments
  • NDI staff prints the forms and has them on-site and available prior to exams

What are the Benefits?

Avoid the line and avoid the rush. The forms application saves time and improves data accessibility in a safe environment:

  • Forms can be filled out prior to the exam, before NDI arrives and at the convenience of your personnel. As a result, NDI spends less time on-site.
  • Your personnel can easily access their information before NDI’s next visit, to review and update their medical information and requirements
  • All information entered into the forms is encrypted and accessed by NDI staff only
  • NDI stores data on secure servers, in a data center featuring 24-7 security