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Nassau NDI Diagnostics is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of emergency service personnel and those whose occupations put their well-being at risk.

We are your full staff medical team.

By providing convenient, affordable, efficient medical evaluations, NDI works to ensure compliance with state and federal health and safety regulations.

Established in 1991, Nassau NDI Diagnostics is the first medical screening service to provide on-site evaluations for firefighters and first responders. With over two decades of experience and a team of medical professionals, NDI has built long-lasting relationships with its clients. Communication and partnership are the foundation of NDI’s commitment to the men and women who protect and build our communities.

NDI is based in Long Island, New York, and proudly provides service to firefighters and emergency medical response units. Though NDI has a long tradition of serving the emergency response community, we readily offer the same service to any organization whose personnel require medical evaluation.

We were the first in the industry and we remain a leading provider of medical evaluations and screenings in the emergency services workplace.